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A complete MuSERA tutorial is available at this link


  • Download (88 MB) sample data set.
  • Download (800 KB) promoters and Download (456 KB) RefSeqGenes for hg19 to be used with sample data set.

Run MuSERA anywhere

MuSERA is Microsoft Windows® exclusive. Users of operating systems other than Microsoft Windows®, for evaluation purposes may try the prepared Microsoft Windows® virtual machine on Oracle VirtualBox by performing the following procedure:
  1. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox.
  2. Download the archive with the prepared virtual machine (4.45 GB) (freely available for non commercial use only)
  3. Extract the virtual machine from the archive as follows:
    1. Install a program to extract the 7-zip archive as follows (if not already installed):
      1. on Linux Debian and Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
      2. on Linux CentOS and Fedora: yum install p7zip-full
      3. on Mac you may use Keka or B1
    2. Extract the archive as follows:
      1. on Linux use the following command: 7z x
      2. on Mac, follow the instructions of the archive extracting application that you chose.
  4. Add the MuSERA virtual machine to VirtualBox by either of the following methods:
    1. Browse to the path of the extracted virtual machine and under MuSERAVM folder double-click the MuSERAVM.vbox file; doing so Oracle VM VirtualBox window will pop-up and MuSERAVM will be available in the list.
    2. Run Oracle VM VirtualBox and choose Machine\Add, then browse to the path of the extracted virtual machine and under MuSERAVM folder select the MuSERAVM.vbox file.
  5. From Oracle VM VirtualBox window select MuSERAVM and click on the Start button.

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